CBD And Pregnancy – Can You Keep Using It When You’re Pregnant

CBD And Pregnancy – Can You Keep Using It When You’re Pregnant

People from all four corners of the world realize the benefits of supplements derived from hemp and associated substances, now more than ever. However, if you have a child coming, then you have to sit down and think about your actions. Basically, you have to be certain whether you should continue using CBD products or not. Medical researchers don’t have much information on the effects of CBD on pregnant women and unborn children. Naturally, the FDA suggests staying away from it. 

  1. The problem: Adults can continue using CBD every day without problems. However, a growing fetus can’t process cannabinoids properly. Furthermore, the FDA recently discovered that THC, the component of cannabis that bestows the feeling of “high” upon people, can continue to pass into a nursing baby for up six days after the mother takes CBD. It means that your baby may end up with a psychoactive compound in his/her system long before his/her sensitive brain is ready to handle it.
  1. Scientific explanation: Babies rely on their mothers for their nutrition and wellbeing during the development stage. Due to the stresses of motherhood, a woman may experience strange cravings. For instance, a few women express a strong desire to eat paper or dirt. Doctors use the term “pica” to describe this condition. It happens when a fetus is growing within the mother’s womb. As it satisfies its intense dietary requirements through the mother, anything the woman eats will enter the child’s system. Pregnant mothers should only consume a balanced diet to ensure their babies develop the way they should. While CBD is safe enough for adults, it’s unsuitable for a baby’s growing mind and body. Prenatal use of CBD products won’t contribute to health risks, addiction, or toxicity, but the same thing may not happen for a baby.
  1. Only speculations: Everything mentioned above is just speculation. There isn’t enough scientific research data available to ascertain the actual impact of CBD on a fetus. That’s why most doctors suggest mothers avoid CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding. After all, it’s better to be safe now than feel sorry later.
  1. Effects of CBD on the brain: The body depends on a variety of systems. These systems keep communicating and interacting with each other constantly. For instance, the central nervous system will contact the musculoskeletal system to help you move when you walk. Similarly, the brain communicates with the vascular system to inform it about when to eat and when to get some rest.

To conclude

CBD is perfectly safe as an alternative medicinal product. However, you should discontinue using it until you give birth and complete the breastfeeding stage. Medical researchers don’t have any evidence to claim that this substance can affect a baby negatively. Then again, it isn’t sensible to take chances, especially when there isn’t any reliable source of information available. Just because CBD doesn’t affect adults negatively doesn’t mean it’ll leave fetuses and babies alone. The only way to stay safe is to remain informed. If you need more clarification, consider discussing the matter with a doctor who doesn’t hesitate to suggest alternative forms of treatment.

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