Does CBD Has An Expiry Date

Does CBD Has An Expiry Date

It goes without saying that every health supplement product has an expiry date, and CBD isn’t different. If food items can rot over time, so can CBD oil. So, how long does it take for it to go bad? The problem here is that it isn’t anything like packaged food products. No one can unearth the precise shelf life of a bottle of CBD oil or other CBD products. Nonetheless, they will expire when the time comes.

More about CBD expiry

The quantity of CBD you need depends entirely on your personal dosing requirements, how many times you take it every day, and how long you wish to continue using it. There are a lot of folks out there who take CBD regularly. Also, a few individuals use it every day because they know that daily consumption is the best way to get excellent results. Therefore, when it comes to expiry, you have to consider the amount of CBD you keep on hand. While the expiry date differs from one brand to another, most products have an approximate shelf life of about fourteen to twenty-four months. If you fill the dropper fully every time you use it, you’ll probably benefit from purchasing the largest bottle available. You should also purchase another smaller bottle and stow it away for emergencies. In doing so, you won’t have to worry about missing your daily dose if your existing bottle breaks or if you lose it. Just refrain from buying too much. Otherwise, you’ll simply waste your money.

Shelf-life extension

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to extend the shelf life of CBD products, provided you purchase the item from a reputable manufacturer. These companies usually take the necessary precautions to ensure their products don’t rot away easily. For instance, a few companies use dark-coloured bottles made of glass for CBD oil packaging. Dark green or dark blue bottles can reduce or even eliminate exposure to sunlight or other artificial sources of light. The extraction method employed by the manufacturer can also dictate the shelf life of CBD. In this industry, CO2 extraction is currently the “gold standard” procedure. By using this extraction strategy, manufacturers increase the shelf life of their products. Even the delivery method can determine shelf life. For example, gel-based CBD products will last longer than capsules as they remain stored inside fully sealed and airtight containers.

At-home storage methods

Buyers have a few tactics at their disposal that they can employ to increase the viable shelf life of their preferred CBD product. For instance, you can store it inside your medicine cabinet to prevent exposing it to air, light, moisture, or heat.

  • Keep all tincture bottles upright with their lids tightly closed.
  • Store every CBD product inside a dark and cool location, such as your medicine cabinet.
  • Refrain from storing CBD products inside your car.
  • Store CBD products away from things that can generate heat.


Every CBD-based product comes with a designated shelf life, but you can choose to buy products from companies that take the necessary steps to increase shelf life. Besides, you can do a couple of things to maintain the potency of your product while preventing it from rotting away. Once you learn how to store CBD products properly, you’ll feel confident knowing that your favourite medicine and the money you paid for it won’t go to waste.

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