Product Name: CBD-AK47

Origin: Netherlands

Production: Indoors

Quantity: 2 x 5 Grams

CBD < 7%  THC < 0.2%

Seedless and hermetically sealed


In stock

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About the Product:


CBD flowers don’t have psychoactive effects, which makes them non-intoxicating. They are efficient methods for availing of the cannabinoid. AK47 CBD-Flowers 10g consist of powerful artillery pieces which can flip the sites of bad mood. Owing to its positive and intense effect, it enhances the way one thinks irrespective of the situation. Its strain has a vibrant and eye-catching green colour, and it also has trichomes on the top. Being resinous and compact, you can be sure of getting a high yield when you vape. It also comes with a touch of spice and herbal aroma, along with the citrus punch.

At XCBD, you can count on our safe shipment processes. Apart from mood relaxations, our products can be impactful in aromatherapy and vaporisation. It is grown inside a room and dried naturally with the process of Dutch cultivation.


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