Product Name: JACK HERER CBD

Origin: Netherlands

Production: Greenhouse

Quantity: 2 x 5 Grams

CBD < 7% THC < 0.2%

Seedless and hermetically sealed


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About the Product:


This product is one of the best that we offer you here at XCBD. The mesmerizing smell and the mouth-watering taste of this product will make you want more of this. It has a beautiful herbal with hints of earthy notes in its aroma. It will put you in a good mood in no time. Not getting proper relaxation? This product will assist you in attaining this. This product is perfectly trimmed cones and have a perfect appearance which appeals all the customers.

You will get the bets dried hemp Cannabis Sativa L here at XCBD. We never compromise the quality and standards of our products. We make sure that our products provide you with that ultimate peace of mind and with it is also impactful for vaporization and aromatherapy.

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