Product Name: Royal Gorilla CBD

Origin: Netherlands

Production: Indoor Methods

Quantity: 2 x 5 Grams

CBD < 7% THC < 0.2%

Seedless and hermetically sealed


In stock

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About the Product:


This is one of the most wide-spread and popular cannabis strains. It is popularly known for treating the anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, migraine, depression and multiple other things. We recommend this product to the ones suffering from high anxiety problems. The intake of this can provide you with the immediate feeling of happiness, relaxation and will uplift your mood in no time. The various flavors of it like citrus, earthy, sweet, lemon and others will provide you with a very amazing experience. 

The indoor cultivation procedure is the reason why there is high content of CBD in our products. It is grown under artificial lights and in closed rooms. Our products also fulfill the purpose of vaporization and aromatherapy. You will find nothing but only the best here, all the products are constructed by keeping your well-being in concern.


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