Origin: Netherlands

Production: Indoor Methods

Quantity: 5 Grams

CBD < 7% THC < 0.2%

Seedless and hermetically sealed



About the Product:


If you are a medicinal user and is looking for a strong herb to assist you in managing your health conditions then Royal gorilla CBD is the one for you. It has a sweet and earthly aroma which is very mesmerizing and will make your mouth water. You don’t have to worry about your anxiety and depression as the calming and soothing effects of this will help you in various ways. You can enjoy this with the presence of multiple flavors like piney, earthy, sweet and others.

At XCBD, you can without any doubt rely upon our secure shipment procedures. Keeping aside the mood relaxations, our products are also known to fulfil the purpose of aromatherapy and vaporization. It is grown inside a closed room under artificial light and is dies naturally through the procedure of Dutch cultivation.


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