Origin: Netherlands

Production: Indoor Methods

Quantity: 5 Grams

CBD < 7% THC < 0.2%

Seedless and hermetically sealed


In stock


About the Product:


Sour Diesel CBD is one of the wide-spread cannabis strains that we have under us. This provides with a very quick action, after inhaling this, you will get and energetic and focused impact upon you. This is great for you to consume during day time because of the concentration level it provides. While your body relaxes, your mind will do the creative work throughout the day with this product. It will provide you assistance by managing your anxiety, appetite issues, insomnia and calmness.

We at XCBD, only provide the best quality products and they are grown under the Dutch cultivation procedures. Don’t worry about anxiety and your other conditions with our products. Be it aromatherapy or vaporization, you can depend upon our certified cultivation. The indoor cultivation method is used for the production and it is dried naturally with Dutch Cultivation.


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