Why Should You Use CBD For Pets

Why Should You Use CBD For Pets

Are you a pet owner and a CBD enthusiast? If that’s the case, then you probably know that you can administer this substance to your four-legged family member, whether it’s a canine or a feline. Then again, your pet is like a child to you. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to him/her. If you don’t know what to expect from CBD for pets, then this topic will shed some light on the subject. The truth is that this medicinal product can be as beneficial to pets as it is to humans.

  1. Relief from anxiety: If your pet suffers from social anxiety, CBD oil can prove to be the perfect solution. According to researchers, CBD can reduce social anxiety in people and animals. Pets can experience anxiety just as much as their human companions. They have to deal with frustrations too. Have you met dogs that keep barking unnecessarily or refuse to leave the side of their owners? Those creatures suffer from anxiety, and CBD can cure this problem. It can alleviate anxiety and help them lead a calmer and more peaceful life.
  1. Relief from stress: Just like normal humans, pets can experience extremely high levels of stress. When you provide CBD oil to your doggie or kitty, it’ll prevent stress hormones from releasing. As stress levels reduce significantly, the animal will feel more energetic during playtimes and relaxed during rest times.
  1. No more cancer: Cancer is a devastating condition, and you probably know that it affects humans and animals alike. Radiotherapy can be an effective form of treatment because of its anti-tumour effects. However, it’s possible to augment the abilities of radiotherapy if you combine CBD with it. It can be exceptionally beneficial in reducing nausea and vomiting that you have to deal with after chemotherapy. Therefore, if your doggie or kitty has cancer or complications associated with cancer, CBD can give them a fair amount of relief.
  1. No more seizures: Some creatures suffer from seizures now and then, while others have to put up with the symptoms of epilepsy almost every day. Today, the most common treatment for pet seizure problems is Phenobarbital. Then again, using this drug continuously for extended periods can lead to long-term side effects. CBD can be an effective alternative. It can treat seizures and provide relief to an animal with epilepsy.
  1. Relief from pain: One of the most prominent uses of CBD is for pain reduction. CBD can handle just about every kind of pain-related issue you can think of, including inflammation pain, chronic pain, and neuropathic pain. However, taking opium-based drugs for some time can lead to addiction. If your pet suffers from inflammatory bowel syndrome, arthritis, or nerve-related pain, CBD can be a lifesaver for them.

Autoimmune diseases too

Apart from the conditions described above, CBD can also help pets with autoimmune diseases. While the studies related to autoimmune diseases and CBD are still ongoing, the preliminary results are promising enough. There isn’t a cure for autoimmune diseases yet, but CBD can suppress the dominance of Th17, which, in turn, can help your pet deal with the conditions of the autoimmune disease it suffers from. 

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