CBD – Is It An Antioxidant

CBD – Is It An Antioxidant

A lot of people out there want to know whether cannabidiol or CBD possesses the properties of antioxidants. Before getting into the details, you have to find out whether it matters at all or not. So, think about a situation for a moment. Picture a seaside destination where a carnival takes place every year. You visit there with a group of your buddies from college – all sophomores. Once everyone is away from their home turf, beyond the boundaries of parental supervision, they chug down as many beers as their stomachs can handle, and they “hit” on just about anyone they clap their eyes on, regardless of their age. These people aren’t too discrete concerning their mating choices. The “free radicals” present inside the human body behave almost the same way.

  1. Remember your science classes: If you can recall your high-school biology lessons, then you’ll remember that electrons commute in pairs. When an electron is with its partner, the two behave nicely, and they remain stable. They fly around the nucleus of an atom in an orderly fashion. While it’s their natural state, one of them gets loose now and then. That’s why things start going in the wrong direction.
  1. The baddies: Free radicals aren’t anything less than villains having the worst things in store for cells. If an electron breaks out of the bond, it starts behaving like a sophomore from college. They’ll try to get in bed with just about every electron they can find, even if it already has a mate. The electrons on the loose are the free radicals, and the moment that start “hitting” on other electrons, they start causing significant amounts of damage constantly to the cells, DNA, arteries, skin, and everything else you can think of.
  1. The heroes: During the 1950s, there was a well-recognized researcher who introduced a theory to the world called “The Free Radical Theory of Aging.” In it, he claimed that aging is a process through which an individual becomes rusty from the inside. Oxidative damage usually goes hand in hand with inflammation. When one happens, another will happen within moments. It’s precisely where antioxidants enter the field. They can neutralize free radicals, which is one of the primary roles they play. Antioxidants are like anti-inflammatory substances that can put out fires within the body that, if left unchecked, can cause severe problems.
  1. CBD as an antioxidant: The problem with CBD is mainly the absence of more than enough research materials on the cannabis plant. Despite being in the infant stage, researchers have enough information to prove the antioxidant-like effects of CBD. One researcher mentioned that they’ve been able to demonstrate the massive range of pharmacological effects of CBD over the last forty-five years. One of those pharmacological effects is this substance’s antioxidant-like behavior.

Part of CBD

Those who have a connection with the world of CBD often use a term called “The Entourage Effect.” This term simply means that the cannabinoids work properly and synergistically when they’re together. Therefore, when it comes to CBD, the only obvious conclusion is this – it has already demonstrated that it’s an exceptionally effective antioxidant. If you start using it as a supplement, you’ll enjoy the benefits antioxidants have to offer. In fact, CBD can increase and bolster the overall antioxidant defence system.

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